Welcome to Agropolitan!

Agropolitan Incorporated is a non-profit organization seeking to address our rapidly urbanizing world through the study, planning, and implementation of sustainable urban and rural food systems. Based in the USA but offering services world-wide, we are grounded in the belief that hunger and food security should be one of our most critical areas of focus when we look toward providing a world of over 7 billion people their most basic human needs.

Agropolitan's philosophy:
  • Food systems and their security are an integral part of our physical well being, and how we execute those food systems is an integral part of the planet's well being
  • Access to naturally produced healthy foods should not be only for those of higher socio-economic means
  • Establishing sustainable, decentralized foodsheds is imperative to the goal of environmental resilience and a healthy ecosystem

If you would like more information please email us: info@agropolitan.org